Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Player Drop Strategy

This is a Strategy Lair exclusive by me, Z Man. (Fully tested today in diamond ranked games)

As of today, September 1st 2010, this 2v2 build has no counter. BEHOLD!! THE DROP STRAT! (someone PLEASE help me think of a better name!)

Step 1: Player 1 goes Zerg while the partner can choose pretty much any race you want. I recommend Protoss.

Step 2: After entering the game, Player 2 sends all probes to begin collecting minerals. Immediately after this, Player two surrenders from the game! Yes, that's right, player two must surrender.

Step 3: Using Player 2's added resource collection rate and initial 50 mineral balance, Player 1 drops a 25 second early spawning pool.

Step 4: Player 1 sends a massive Zergling rush to opponents base. Even if they have blocked off, which they most likely haven't considering the timing, they stand absolutely no chance.

Now you're probably wondering, "What about the player that dropped? Doesn't he get a loss for the match?" Nope! As long as the match is won, everyone who started the game gets a win.

The only downside to this strategy is that one player has to sit out of the match. Obviously it's not the most fun, but you will rack up the wins and greatly boost your score.

Good luck and let me know how it goes in the comments!

-Z Man

Part 1! Liquid TLO

Hey everybody.  Check out this absolutely insane set of videos showing The Little One utterly annihilate all who oppose him in a 4v4 match.  Phoenixes are not the easiest unit to master, but TLO makes it look like it's nothing.  If you try this build, make sure you waypoint all stargates to your main phoenix in order to mass quickly.

Part 2!

Welcome to Strategy Lair!

Welcome to Strategy Lair, your next great stop for helpful Starcraft 2 tips and tricks!

To wet your appetite, heres some new Starcraft 2 videos to keep you busy.  This is quite possibly one of my favorite pro matches to watch.  "Yummy yummy marauder in my tummy!"